White Horse Ranch Venue
Authentic horse barn offering rustic events, charming celebrations, picturesque memories, and personalized packages!
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Venue Management

​White Horse Ranch Venue is owned and operated by The Stagner Family.┬áThe ranch itself was built by hands of friendship and opens welcoming arms to many. Family runs strong in this ranch, so no surprise the venue is coordinated by a mother-daughter team to help you feel extra comfortable on the big day!
  1. Hannah Cummings
    Hannah Cummings
    Venue Manager
    A graduate of the renowned Rosen College of Hospitality at the University of Central Florida, Hannah Cummings, daughter of Cindy, fell in love with coordinating at a young age (thanks to her mother's passion). Following a few years of gaining hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of hospitality in Orlando as well as graduating from UCF, Hannah joined Cindy and Michelle in officially launching White Horse Ranch Venue. As Venue Manager, Hannah takes you through the whole process of touring the facility, booking the event and ensuring the day of is perfect!
  2. Cindy Duggan
    Cindy Duggan
    Venue Manager
    Coordinating events runs in the Duggan blood, evidenced by the almost thirty years of event coordination under Cindy Duggan's belt. Whether it be corporate party hosting, wedding coordinating or even dance assemble direction, Cindy has ensured an innumerable amount of events went off without a hitch. Now the mother portion of the mother-daughter venue management team at White Horse Ranch Venue, Cindy is there to offer years of experience, relentlessly support and a smiling face!
  3. Michelle Stagner
    Michelle Stagner
    Ranch Owner
    Events are nothing new to this thirty-year ranch and venue owner, Michelle Stagner. She has spent the last three decades transforming her 80-acre Central Florida Ranch from wild pastures to a fully-functioning barn and now to a home for memorable rustic events. Personally, Michelle spent most of her life hosting events for friends, corporate parties, charities and weddings, but she felt it was time to make it official and build onto her wonderful already existing horse barn to create an elegant venue!

The A Team!

Some of your dedicated event staff,

Cindy, Bill, Amaryllis, Hannah and Josh!

The Seniors! WHR built by the hands of friendship like John, Dale, and Bill!